Opting Out of Participating in the Client Experience Rating program

If you are certain you want to opt-out from the rating system, HAR.com users will be unable to view your rating or feedback from your clients. Opting out of individual listings is not permitted. If you choose to participate but fail to provide client contact information* within 15 days, you will be automatically opted out of the rating system.

* Your client’s email address will NOT be used for any purpose other than this survey. Neither your client’s name nor email address will be displayed anywhere on HAR.com. Each client’s rating and comment will be identified with just a street name.

Before you choose to opt out, we’d like to remind you that you have the option to participate in the rating system without displaying your ratings on HAR.com.


You’ll receive an email if you choose to publicly display your ratings and comments that will let you know where the survey will be posted. Currently, surveys are posted on HAR.com, your HAR Agent Profile, HAR Agent Website, your listings, HAR Home Value Finder, and on HAR’s Member Finder within five days. You can also choose to post it immediately. Prospective clients will be able to see ratings and comments from your previous clients, and you can promote your great feedback to help generate new business.


To opt-out from participating in the Client Experience Rating, login to the HAR Members Only Portal. Search for Client Experience Rating and then choose  Client Experience Rating’. From there you will be able to opt out by selecting the ‘Opt-Out of the Client Experience Rating’ setting.

Below is a screen capture of the settings page: