Open House App

Platinum Tool Exclusively for Platinum Subscribers
An Exclusive Feature for MLS Platinum Subscribers. The new Open House App is a real benefit for HAR members and MLS subscribers. Agents can manage their upcoming open houses in one convenient dashboard and guests can sign in using the same app. It’s an efficient method of tracking open house activity and gaining leads for your business. Got an upcoming open house?
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Open House App features

The Open House app for iPad and iPhone allows Texas REALTORS® to keep track of their current and upcoming open houses. REALTORS® can securely register users directly from the app and follow up with them once the open house is completed. The app can save agents a lot of time by downloading the contact information for registered guests directly to their device. The app also allows real estate professionals to see the open houses they’ve claimed from other agents. It’s easy for agents to create reports and share information, too. Open House data can be shared with an agent’s contacts right from the app, including the Agent Full Report and the Listing Detail information. Agents can also swap open house hosting duties between other agents in their office.

  • Simplified Design: We designed this app with one thing in mind; managing open houses. This singular focus allows agents to concentrate on making the most out of those events.
  • Quick access to visitor lists: Bring up the number of visitors for each day an open house was active with just one click on the listing.
  • Secure the visitor sign-in: Agents can securely lock the app and let their visitors sign in with no hassle.
  • Create reports and share info: Need to get the word out on an upcoming open house? Share it with contacts right from the app. The Agent Full Report and Listing Details information can also be shared directly from the app.
  • Invite and Request to host: You can request to host one agent’s open house and invite others to host yours with ease.
  • Download contacts: The agent can now save time and download all new contacts directly to their device.
  • Record audio feedback: Customers can record an audio message as they’re walking through the house. The audio can be played back at any time and the agent can reach out to that customer.