Platinum Tool Exclusively for Platinum Subscribers
HAR’s Technology Team has developed a streamlined CRM for the active real estate agent! This program was built to ensure that prospecting, referral generation, and marketing campaigns happen when planned. Features, such as the Contact Pipeline and the Deals Dashboard, allow agents to easily view the current state of their business in order to plan their next steps!

Just as you would expect, HAR has developed the CRM App for the mobile CRM platform! Stay connected on the go, ensuring you never miss an important meeting, have access to contact’s information and appointment details from anywhere, at any time.

Once the HAR CRM tool exits its beta testing phase, it will be available as part of the Platinum subscription. To sign up for the Platinum subscription, click HERE.


MLS Platinum is a premium service offered by HAR to its REALTOR® members so they can better serve their clients. MLS Platinum empowers the agents with over 50 of  the most innovative and powerful technology tools HAR has to offer for Agent Promotion, Listing Promotion, Lead Generation and increased productivity!

Comprehensive CRM Dashboard

The CRM dashboard was designed for a comprehensive view of your real estate business. Navigate our intuitive dashboard effortlessly, with a user-friendly design that puts you in control of viewing and managing new Leads, current Deals, upcoming Tasks and your Email inbox.

Capture and Track Contact Details

Manage leads seamlessly with the CRM’s visual pipeline! Track their progression through your sales pipeline, from qualified to closed.


Document every interaction; within a contact’s personalized page, log all electronic correspondence, schedule an event or task, create a deal or add to their details as you build the agent-client relationship.

Deals Tracking from Active to Closed

Keep track of your Deals from the Active/Offer stage through Closed! The Deals Management dashboard is  an attractive and visual overview of your current deals!


Have a new Deal to add? Easily create one with the all of the information necessary to know your next step! Capture all of the details of the deal: contact, deal stage, deal type, integration of Matrix to select the active property, the deal estimated amount and more!

Email Integration for Efficiency

Integrate with your email client (e.g., Microsoft Outlook or Gmail) to save you time and increase productivity! Send and receive emails directly from the CRM interface and you will have easy access to your email from either the CRM Dashboard or email tab.



      • A record of all emails sent and received by a contact is easily viewable.
      • Predefined email templates that can be used for various types of communication.
      • Information on whether an email was delivered, opened, and any links clicked (if tracking is enabled).

Customizable Calendar that Caters to Your Business

Are you tired of juggling endless appointments, meetings, and follow-ups, while struggling to maintain meaningful client relationships? Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to efficiency with our revolutionary CRM Calendar feature!

Streamlined Scheduling

          • Effortlessly schedule appointments, events, and tasks within your CRM platform.
          • Sync your CRM Calendar with your existing calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.) for a consolidated view of your schedule.
          • Impress your clients with timely reminders and personalized follow-up activities.
          • Strengthen relationships by sending birthday wishes and anniversary reminders directly from your CRM.

Events and Tasks Management

          • Streamline your workflow and boost productivity with our all-in-one solution for efficient event and task management.
          • Break down the real estate transaction process into manageable tasks with our intuitive task management tools.
          • Assign and prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and track progress in real time.

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