Client Experience Rating – Terms of Use

To ensure the integrity and accuracy of the Client Experience Rating, HAR has adopted the following participation rules, measures to prevent abuse, guidelines, and Terms of Use, which HAR REALTOR® members agree to by their participation in the program.


The Quality Assurance Task Force has established policies designed to encourage open and honest ratings and feedback.


  • Please do not post any personally identifiable comments, including email addresses, telephone numbers, home addresses, screen names or URLs.
  • You may not use a false email address, impersonate any person or entity.
  • You should describe your experience as it happened. Useful comments are objective, provide details and give the reader a real feel for your experience. A good rule of thumb is to think about the questions that you would ask others when seeking recommendations.
  • Please refrain from offensive or abusive language. Comments should not identify any participant by name, harass, abuse, make false statements, defame, impersonate someone else, or contain illegal or otherwise objectionable content, as determined by HAR in its sole discretion. Reviews that reference illegal activity or false advertising will be removed from the site.
  • There should be no advertising of any kind.
  • There should be no obscene language.
  • Participants in the Client Experience Rating grant HAR the right to reproduce, use, distribute, display and grant access to such rating information as HAR deems appropriate. (No personally identifiable information will ever be shared, sold or otherwise displayed without consent).

Participation Rules (opt-in/opt-out)

  • REALTORS® will be given the opportunity to opt-out from the rating system. If a REALTOR® elects to opt-out, consumers on will no longer be able to view their rating or their comments and REALTORS® will no longer be able to privately view their ratings or comments.
  • Listing-by-listing selected opt-out will not be permitted. Opt-in means you agree to make your best efforts to obtain the survey from your client and provide client contact information to HAR for survey purposes only. One survey for each side of the transaction completed by one client will be accepted.
  • If REALTOR® fails to provide client contact information within 15 days of request, REALTOR® will automatically be opted-out of the rating system.
  • A REALTOR®'s total number of transactions will be displayed to consumers.
  • The survey will be sent to the client within 10 days after the closing date.
  • Clients have 15 days to submit survey
  • REALTORS® who opt-out of the rating program agree that their past ratings will carry over if the REALTOR® opts back in at a later date.
  • If a REALTOR® would like to make their ratings and comments visible on, their listings, their Agent Profile, and Agent Website they will need to opt-in, with public display.
  • A REALTOR®'s client will agree to this disclaimer and guidelines:

    Your comments are a valuable indicator of a REALTOR®'s reputation. Your comments will provide an experience rating from your transaction with your REALTOR® for other consumers to see, as well as your REALTOR®. As a participant of this experience survey, you should use caution and good judgment when leaving feedback about your REALTOR®.

Comment Rules

Participants cannot undermine the Client Experience Rating in any of the following ways:
  • Once comments have been submitted, by client or by REALTOR®, they cannot be modified or deleted.
  • Participants are not allowed to threaten each other with negative comments.
  • REALTORS® may not require clients to leave specific comments. REALTORS® also may not demand that clients withdraw existing comments. These prohibitions apply to all comment activity, whether prior to, during, or after transaction.
  • REALTORS® are not permitted to include in their listings or terms of sale any conditions that limit or restrict the clients from leaving comments.

Violations, Dispute & Rules Enforcement

Violations of these Terms of Use may result in a range of actions, including:
  • Automatic, removal of a REALTOR®'s participation in the Client Experience Rating Program.
  • Rating and/or comment removal.
  • Any dispute relating to REALTOR® ratings or comments or removal from the Client Experience Rating Program will be subject to appeal to the Quality Assurance Task Force. The Quality Assurance Task Force will make the determination for further action.
  • If a REALTOR® is removed from the Client Experience Rating Program they may opt back in after one-year from being removed from the Client Experience Rating Program.

Investigation of Potential Abuse

  • If HAR has reason to suspect a violation of the Terms of Use has occurred, HAR will request from the REALTOR® member the client's phone number and HAR Staff will call the client to verify the accuracy of the rating.
  • The client's phone number must be provided to HAR Staff within 4 days of the request.


  • If a REALTOR® member is removed from the Client Experience Rating Program for a violation of these Terms of Use, HAR Staff will notify the REALTOR® member in writing (email) and the REALTOR® member shall have the right to appeal the removal to the Quality Assurance Task Force within 10 days of receiving notice of removal.
  • Appeal hearings before the Quality Assurance Task Force will occur within 30 days after the REALTOR® member requests appeal in writing (email).