What Buyers Want

According to statistics from The 2008 HAR Survey of Home Sellers & Buyers, home buyers state that they would find a REALTOR® rating system beneficial. Below are a few exhibits showing our findings:

Benefits from Ratings

Would Buyers Benefit from Accessing REALTOR® Rating by Previous Customer 75% of buyers indicated they would consider it beneficial to access ratings on their REALTOR® by previous clients.

Benefits from Comments

Would Buyers Benefit from Reading Previous Customer Comments About REALTOR® An almost identical number of buyers who thought REALTOR® ratings would be beneficial also said it would have been beneficial to read actual comments about the REALTOR® by previous customers.

Finding a REALTOR®

Most Important Factor in Buyers Finding REALTOR® Who Helped Them Purchase Their Home

Referrals from friend, neighbor or co-workers played the most significant role in the selection of their REALTOR® by home buyers, with more than half citing that as the most important factor. Personal relationships were a distant second response.