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The Houston Association of REALTORS® offers professional video services at its central office. The HAR Studio is equipped with HD quality equipment to provide its members with a professional-grade video production. Each profile video will be 30-60 seconds in length and will be uploaded to YouTube to help promote you and your business. The videos will also be posted along with each of your listings on It will give potential clients an opportunity to hear about your experience, knowledge of the market and approach to client service.

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For video order questions, please contact or 713.629.1900 ext 1162.

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Sample Video

Khalimah McClure | Visit Agent Website

Sample Video

Lisa Barnes | Visit Agent Website

Frequently Asked Questions

"I need help with my script, are you able to provide any guidance?"

Absolutely! We understand the process of creating a script and its definitely not the easiest thing to do, we help with this by providing several different scripts for buyers agents, seller agents, for new agents & for seasoned agents with years in the industry. Take a look at our guidelines and script templates here

Agent Scripts

Guidelines and Script Template

"How long until I can expect to have my video back?"

You can expect to get your video back within a week time frame.

"I scheduled a video appointment but I can no longer make it/etc. Can I get a refund?"

Unfortunately, it’s a non-refundable purchase as stated prior to confirming your payment. We offer flexibility and are open to rescheduling to the next available date on the calendar.

"What should I wear for my video promo?"

Anything but the color green! As you can see in the sample videos, most people are wearing business attire but you should wear what you are most comfortable in. Our videos are shot in a green screen studio so please refrain from wearing any green garments or accessories

"I want to do a video but I'm nervous and uncomfortable in front of the camera"

Completely understandable! Being in front of the camera can be very nerve-racking. Because of this, we do everything we can to provide a comfortable and safe studio environment for you. We also provide suggestions/tips/advice before and during your appointment to ensure the best quality video possible The only way to get comfortable in front of the camera is to take that first step!

"I have a more direct question, what's a good email to reach your department?"

You can reach the video department by emailing or calling 713.629.1900 ext 1162.

"Do I get a copy of my video?"

Yes! After you finalize the video, we will send you a Box link that will allow you to download your video to your personal devices. Learn how to download your video from Box by watching the tutorial provided below







Our video services make it easy for you to get started in marketing yourself and your business!

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Allow us at HARTV to help you with all your custom video needs!

HARTV Tutorials

Downloading your new video from Box

How to upload your new video to Facebook!

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