HAR Virtual Showing

This is a new creative way to conduct these showings for the listings in a Virtual manner. HAR now offers Virtual Showing system to the Platinum subscribers to show any listings virtually. The process is very easy and simple; setup an appointment for any listing and live stream to your clients by using the HAR App.

How it Works

Manage different types of Virtual Showings: One-to-one and one-to-many. You can have either a one-to-one virtual showing or a one-to-many virtual showing with a large number of clients present.

One-to-one Virtual Showing

If your client is out of town or due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation cannot come, the one-to-one Virtual Showing works in the following way:


  • The client will request you to show a particular listing.
  • You then set up an appointment with the listing firm.
  • Then share the link of the Virtual Showing with the clients.
  • On day of the showing, you will start the Virtual Showing from the listing.

One-to-many Virtual Showing

The most creative part of the Virtual Showing platform is the one-to-many feature. It turns the traditional showing into a digital marketing activity.


  • You proactively identify a potential listing in your farm area.
  • You will create a Virtual Showing for any listing and set up an appointment with the listing firm.
  • You then invite the potential clients for the listing or promote it on social media.
  • On day of showing, you will then start the Virtual Showing from the listing.

What are the Benefits?

  • Conducting a Virtual Showing is super simple when using the HAR Mobile App.
  • By conducting a Virtual Showing, you can attract more potential clients.
  • In this way, even if the clients either areout of town or cannot attend due to any other reason (such as the on going COVID-19 situation); the Virtual Showing is a great way to have a look at the house.
  • Engage your existing clients by sharing real estate activities.
  • Gauge the interest of attendees by using a feedback email, which is sent after the Virtual Showing is over and the clients can then provide their feedback.
  • Due to the Virtual Showing, listing agents may see significant increase in listing traffic and offers for their listing.