Video Content & Sharing looks at content sharing as one of the most valuable tools you, as an agent, can utilize to promote your brand. But the problem many agents face is, where do I get the content? This is where HAR can help.


HAR has put together hundreds of professional videos for you to share with consumers providing fresh and relevant information for your clients as well as getting your name out there for potential clients.


Video content is engaging and considered one of the best ways to create an experience with someone. While it is important to share and engage with consumers by providing written articles, video is often a consumers preferred choice of media due to the stimulation of multiple senses and memory trigger.


We create our videos directly from Houselogic and Real Insight articles which provide consistent and regular content, so you always know that you are providing consumers with up-to-date information.

So, how can our videos help?

  • Save you money and time, by having all videos conveniently located in one area for you to browse.
  • We provide relevant and helpful content.
  • Our videos are short—between 30 and 60 seconds—and captioned so your viewers can watch with sound or on mute.
  • Our videos are professional and attractive.
  • Promote your personal brand by sharing.

As a Platinum Subscriber you have access to over 500 videos which you can share to social media, your HAR-provided agent website, and your personal website. This is a great addition to your current marketing plan helping to incorporate your personal branding and developing lead capture.


The key to a successful marketing plan is to stay relevant and active. We suggest that you create a calendar and post 2 to 3 videos each week. This will provide consumers with fresh information and encourage them to come back to your social media and websites for more!


HAR is committed to providing agents with the best resources to engage with consumers while also promoting your personal brand. As with all our sharing features, Platinum Subscribers benefit from your personal brand being highlighted in your shared video library.