Social Media Plug-in for MLS Automatic Social Media Postings

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Social media dominates much of the public space these days. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are essential platforms for growing your business. These sites create an ideal environment to collaborate and engage with potential clients. As a REALTOR®, you can also use these sites to interact with your existing customer base.


Saves you time! No more updating real estate activities such as, status changes and price reductions and upcoming open houses, manually on social networking sites!


Draws traffic to members’ listings on where many lead capturing tools are integrated!


Increases members’ social networking participation!


Social networking focuses on building online communities of people who share similar interests and/or activities. It encourages new ways to communicate and share information. The key to social networking is the participation of its members and the sharing of information. Participating in social networks requires that you constantly update valuable content on multiple web sites which can become an overwhelming and time consuming task.


We have researched how to help our members promote their listings and real estate activities on a variety of social networking sites without requiring you to manually add a post to each one individually. Due to recent changes in Facebook’s operation, however, we have implemented a separate system for that site. Whenever you have a change in the status of a listing (price reduction, open house, new or sold) you will receive an email notification with a clickable link that will enable you to post the status to Facebook.

Key New Features

Social Media Plug-in for MLS

We developed a tool called “Social Media Plug-in for MLS” which updates HAR members’ social networking sites on a nightly basis. Whenever a member adds a new listing, makes a price reduction, has an open house or sells a listing in MLS, we will update their social networking sites automatically based on MLS data. HAR’s Social Plugins for MLS will not only save our members’ time, but it will also drive consumers back to their listings on

We currently post to Twitter and LinkedIn. As stated above, Facebook updates will be handled through an email notification.

To view examples of HAR generated posts, visit these HAR members’ sites:

How it Works

Social Media Plug-in for MLS

Members will need to log into the HAR Members Only Portal and search for ‘Automatic Social Media Posts’. The login information for each social networking site will need to be added. For Facebook, specifically, this will provide a constant connection to the social networking service, so whenever you add a new listing, make a price reduction, have an open house or sell a listing in the MLS, you will receive a social networking email that will allow you to automatically trigger an update to that site.


For example, Jane Doe has opted to promote her listings and real estate activity on Twitter. She has just signed a contract to sell a home, and is adding the listing in Matrix. That same evening a routine will run, and HAR will automatically push the data to Twitter creating a tweet on Jane’s Twitter profile.