Showings on your profile

Your showing activities for the last six months will be displayed, ordered by price. Any new showings will not display the showing date, for privacy concerns.


We’ve been working for the last six months on developing the update routines for gathering this data. We tap into many sources, including HAR Appointment Manager, CSS showing data and Supra lockbox information.


Our popular Find an Agent tool on now allows consumers to sort their agent results based on “Most Showings”.

It’s easy to access this new feature. Simply click ‘My Account’ from the menu bar once you’re signed into, then ‘Manage Your Profile’ from the second column. This will bring up a new page where you can click ‘Display Settings’ that will then allow you to check which options you’d like to show to customers. ‘Show My Recent Showings’ is the fifth option in that list.


HAR’s technology team has created a wide array of powerful technology tools to help our MLS Platinum members get the most out of their membership and their Platinum subscription. At HAR, we are committed to your continued success!