Recommendations on Your HAR Agent Profile and Website

Platinum Tool Exclusively for Platinum Subscribers
As an agent, you know how valuable referrals and recommendations are to growing your business. We have made it easy for you to now get recommendations from past clients/customers and other real estate professionals.

Before entering into their next real estate transaction, consumers want to easily research real estate agents to represent them. Recommendations from clients, other agents, and real estate affiliates are the perfect way to enable consumers to find out more about you and your business.

This tool allows you to highlight the Recommendations you want to post on your HAR Profile and Website!

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Write a Recommendation Tool

There are two ways to obtain Recommendations. Agents can request Recommendations from their contacts, colleagues, and agents they’ve worked with in the last 5 years in the Members Only Portal. A message will be sent and the recipient of the request can then write a Recommendation or ignore the request.


The second way is found directly on an Agent’s HAR Profile. Consumers, other agents, colleagues, and others can write a Recommendation without being asked.


All recommendations, regardless of type, will go through an approval process before going public. Agents will receive an email and can approve or deny any Recommendation they receive. This Agent Promotion feature for the Platinum agent is perfect for highlighting your professionalism and expertise!

Promote your Recommendations using the TestimonialHub

The public and other agents can post recommendations to any agent’s profile. Those recommendations are subject to an approval process, and agents can both hide and delete any submitted recommendations.


The TestimonialHub in the Marketing Center provides a quick and easy way to promote any Recommendations received on several Social Media platforms, email and text. The Recommendations are formatted for the specific platform and can be customized.