Open Houses this Weekend

Amazing tool to engage consumers & generate leads

The feature provides a quick way for consumers to see Open houses coming up in the next weekend in a local market. Agents also use this tool to promote local open houses with their brand and generate leads.


Video content is engaging and considered one of the best ways to create an experience with someone. While it is important to share and engage with consumers by providing written articles, video is often a consumers preferred choice of media due to the stimulation of multiple senses and memory trigger.


We create our videos directly from Houselogic and Real Insight articles which provide consistent and regular content, so you always know that you are providing consumers with up-to-date information.

What Makes this Special:

1. “Open Houses this Weekend” is sharable to your Facebook page, or other service.

2. Shared links have a new special format of agent branding on them.

3. It is something you can post every week on Thursday or Friday and expect that you’ll have new fresh content since open houses change all the time.


The sharing preview, provided to sites that support it, include an attractive custom “Open House This Weekend” image along with your agent picture. Those clicking through on your share are brought to a similarly branded version of open house this weekend with links that retain your branding.


We hope that this feature helps add value to your marketing efforts.