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This new mobile-friendly portal features a greatly improved backend administrative section with loads of customization options. Your website is your window to the wider real estate world, whether you’re a new agent or a veteran broker. Tailor it the way you want.
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My Home Finder

Not only are we putting you in charge of growing your business, but we’re empowering your customers as well. They’ll be able to create a free account on your website just like on, with some of the same benefits like saved searches and the ability to bookmark favorite properties. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to directly collaborate with them and guide them through the home-buying process.

Virtual Office Website (VOW) Links

Of course, with as many options as are available to you in your HAR website, you’re also in charge of having your own external website. We can help you there, too. You can have access to the same powerful search engine and MLS data on your external site as you would on your HAR website. The appearance might be a little different, but the data is the same and that’s what’s important. You can get started from the Virtual Office Website tab in the website admin area. Your active website subscribers and settings can be directly managed from there.

Content Pages

You’re now in total control of your HAR website. You can create individual content pages within your HAR website. We’ve made it easy to manage the content from the admin section on You can also directly link to pages outside of your website if you’re not interested in creating it yourself. You create and control the content. We’ll back you up.

The Pages Tab

We realized that the old format for your HAR website allowed you to customize a few specific things. This time around, you can display as much or as little information as you like. The Pages tab in the website admin area is an incredible nexus of customization options. You can choose to show only yours or your office’s sold listings. You can show sold listings along with your recent social media activity one week and then your active listings and client ratings the next week. Give your website a deep blue color scheme, throw up a background image of homes on the water and then feature some of your listings that have a lakeside view or a fancy pool. There are so many options available to you and they can all be found from the Pages tab in the website admin section.


Want to share information with all your customers at once? The new sliders we’ve developed are the perfect tool. Share whatever content you like straight from the homepage of your agent or company website. You can create multiple slides with ease, add photos and links and sort them however you like. It’s like a highlight reel for your website and we know you’re going to love it.

Google Analytics

This is the information you’ve been looking for. Now you’ll be able to get the website traffic analytics data you need to make the best marketing and business decisions. You’ll need to create a Google Analytics account to start managing this data and then retrieve a tracking code. Follow the instructions from the Members Only area and start generating the data you need to succeed.