Lead Management

Platinum Tool Exclusively for Platinum Subscribers
Lead Management provides Agents and Brokers the ability to easily manage HAR.com leads from their mobile devices or desktop. The tool is user-friendly and helps you manage all of your leads in one place.

At HAR, we want to make things easier which is why we are always trying to provide innovative ways to improve your life.


With that spirit in mind we created the Lead Management System.

Here are only a few Lead Management highlights:

  • Easily check your phone leads with one click.
  • View, access and respond to all your email leads on one page with easy to identify blue (viewed) and white (not viewed) highlights.
  • Quickly find out which leads have responded to you or leads that may need your attention.
  • Engage directly with leads from the tool and keep a log of your conversation.
  • Need to check on an old lead? View your deleted and spam folders.
  • Quickly view the property details for each lead when you open or view a request.
  • The Social Profile link allows you to verify the authenticity of a lead and communicate more effectively with them based on their online presence.