By preparing an impressive and accurate comparative market analysis (CMA) for your clients, you develop your marketplace knowledge and your assurance in your pricing recommendations. That knowledge and certainty will instill client confidence and wise decision-making. In order to help you provide a comprehensive CMA for your clients in a matter of minutes, we have developed InstantCMA. InstantCMA allows you to quickly and efficiently create a comparative market analysis for your clients from a desktop or mobile device.
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New approach to generating CMAs


Easy design with more consumer-friendly details


Generate professional and sleek PDFs with side-by-side comparisons & photos


Share reports with your clients on Facebook, other social media outlets, or by providing a QR code

How to access from app

You will need to be logged in as an MLS Subscriber in the iPad app. After selecting a listing, scroll down to the ‘MLS Subscriber Info’ section of the ‘Property Details’ window of the listing. Click on the ‘Create a CMA’ button. At this time the mobile app that we have developed is for the iPad; soon to be followed by Android. However, you can access the InstantCMA by using the browser on your Android device.

How to access from

To access InstantCMA from your desktop, simply login to with your username and password. Once you have logged in to the Members Only site, click on ‘MLS’ from the menu. From the ‘MLS Tools’ section on the left hand menu, click on ‘InstantCMA’.

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Your feedback is important to us! We are always looking for ways to improve our tools and services to better serve you, and help you grow your real estate business. Please share your thoughts about InstantCMA with us, and how we can make it better. Send your feedback to