Get Out the Vote

Election Day: May 28, 2024


Your vote matters! Your vote can help choose the leadership and shape the direction of the Greater Houston Area. It’s important to be informed about the elections that your vote will decide in the upcoming May 28 Primary Runoff Elections. Below you will find helpful resources regarding key races around Houston.




Elections Happening May 28

-Democratic Primary Runoff Election

-Republican Primary Runoff Election

*to check if there are primary runoff elections in your area, visit your county link under the Sample Ballots section below.

Who’s eligible to vote in these elections?

  • Must be a registered voter – Check Your Voter Registration Status
  • If you voted in the March 5 Primary Election, you will only be permitted to vote in the same party’s Primary Runoff Election.
  • If you did not vote in the March 5 Primary Election, you will need to choose which party’s Primary Runoff Election you would like to vote in.