Digital Business Card

Platinum Tool Exclusively for Platinum Subscribers
The HAR Technology Team has developed a tool for the Platinum agent to expand their digital connections, the HAR Digital Business Card!
The most successful real estate agents network with prospects at every opportunity. Whether you’re at a personal event, meeting a potential client for coffee or connecting with colleagues, you can now effortlessly share your Digital Business Card to ensure your information is always up to date and easily accessible!

Built Into the App

How often have you lost a business card or inadvertently thrown one away? This Platinum tool eliminates the possibility of misplacing the agent’s information!


The Digital Business Card is built into the app. Once logged in, click ‘More’ at the bottom right. Click on the QR code at the top of the screen. Your unique QR code is displayed and can be scanned by anyone with their mobile phone.


Once a consumer/lead/prospect scans the QR code, the agent can be added to their phone’s contacts with a single click!


Your Digital Business Card mirrors your HAR Agent Profile which reflects your professional brand and contains your email address, phone number and social media links.


There are so many benefits in implementing the Digital Business Card into your networking best practices, such as:


  • Saved money
  • Saved time
  • Increased efficiency in sharing your HAR Agent Profile
  • Consumers can schedule an appointment with you with a click
  • Consumers can easily view your listings


Say goodbye to traditional paper business cards that get lost in the shuffle!