Photo Description

Platinum Tool Exclusively for Platinum Subscribers

The time-saving solution that combines the power of AI with the story-telling process of the listing photos!

From the property description to professional photos, your listings need to stand out to attract buyers! The HAR Technology team has created AI – Photo Description, a new Platinum tool that will save you valuable time by analyzing each listing photo then creating text that captures the features and details of each photo.


Upload Your Listing Photos and Let AI Generate a Description for Each One!

To begin utilizing the AI – Photo Description tool, follow these steps:


1. Once you’ve entered the details on a new listing, save it as Incomplete.


2. Click Matrix ADD/EDIT.


3. In the Quick Modify field, search for the listing.


4. Choose the AI – Photo Description link.


5. Follow the prompts for the AI tool to create a description for each photo.


6. Review the AI-generated language, make any edits and choose the 1-Click Copy button.


7. Additional edits can be made on each photo before clicking Save Changes to Matrix.

The Benefits of Photo Descriptions

Increased Engagement

Having a captivating narrative for every single photo in your listing draws in viewers, sparking their curiosity and encouraging them to explore further. By painting a vivid picture with words, you’ll create an experience that resonates with potential buyers.

Personalized Descriptions

This AI tool is designed to adapt to your unique needs. Whether you have a single listing or a portfolio of properties, our system can generate personalized descriptions that accurately reflect the character and appeal of each photo.

Automation Saves You Time

Creating compelling descriptions for each photo can be a time-consuming and daunting task. With our AI-powered solution, you can streamline this process and save valuable time.

Increased Accessibility

Extend your reach to all users. The photo descriptions on EVERY photo allow screen readers to vividly describe the propertyto visually impaired audiences, ensuring inclusivity.