- Highlights

A new AI tool designed to enhance property listings with captivating & impactful feature labels!

HAR.com Realtors® have more options in their presentation of listings online to engage potential buyers and to promote their properties. These new avenues include enhancing their listings with floor plans, 3D tours, AI – Photo Tags and now, AI – Highlights! 


AI – Highlights evaluates agents’ provided listing descriptions, identifying the key features that are most important to home buyers. These features are then transformed into labels, strategically highlighted on the listing details page on HAR.com & the mobile app. By highlighting the most compelling features as labels, our tool maximizes the visibility and appeal of listings, attracting more potential buyers and driving engagement.


Input Your Property Description and Let AI Generate the Highlights

The Benefits of Highlights

Improved First Impressions

First impressions are crucial! Well-presented and highlighted features can create a positive initial impact, encouraging buyers to explore the property further, either through an in-person visit or a virtual tour.

Targeted Marketing to Capture the Right Buyer

Listing agents can attract specific buyer demographics by highlighting features that appeal to particular needs or preferences, such as  young professionals (near public transport and nightlife) or retirees (single-level living, quiet neighborhood).

Enhanced Property Search Experience

Property searchers can quickly and easily identify the most important aspects of a property without having to read through a lengthy description. This enhances the user experience and helps them make informed decisions more efficiently.

Increased Accessibility

Extend your reach to all users. Our AI – Highlights allow screen readers to vividly describe the most unique and important features of the property to visually impaired audiences, ensuring inclusivity.