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We have added a button under the REALTOR® Agent section of a listing’s detail page on — ‘Request Callback ‘. This new button uses Click-to-Call technology to connect you with the online consumer on The ‘Request Callback’ button will appear on your listings if you have opted to participate in the free LeadConnect service. According to statistics, Click-to-Call increases customer engagement by 50-100%. By having a visible link on a listing’s detail page, we will be able to increase leads delivered to our members. This service is part of an existing tool, LeadConnect. Here are few reasons why the ‘Request Callback’ button can help HAR members:
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Increased Sales

On average, companies see sales conversions increase by 50% to 100% over traditional inbound contact methods.

Improved Customer Loyalty

92% of consumers surveyed felt Click-to-Call greatly enhanced their online experience.

Reduced Web site Abandonment

Companies using Click-to-Call reduce abandonment by 25-35% by engaging customers proactively when some would not complete a transaction otherwise.

So how does it work?

When a consumer clicks on the button and enters their telephone number, you will receive a call at your designated phone number within the LeadConnect service. You will be given the option to be connected with the consumer at that time. If you choose not to be connected, you will receive an email lead containing the consumer’s telephone number.

How do I enable ‘Request Callback’ button on my listings?

The ‘Request Callback’ button is part of the LeadConnect service. To start using LeadConnect, login to the HAR Members Only Portal, and click on ‘LeadConnect’ under the ‘Lead Management’ section of the HAR Tools Central.


HAR provides these services to help generate more leads for you and to help grow your business. We encourage you to please take advantage of this new feature.