Profile Enhancements

HAR is committed to our members’ continued success and we are always looking to add more value to the MLS Platinum. We are excited to announce four significant enhancements we’ve made to the agent profile on

  1. Recommendations.
  2. Current showings.
  3. Customize your neighborhoods.
  4. Customize your profile background image.

Recommendations on your profile

We’ve evaluated competitive sites like LinkedIn and other real estate sites to test the waters for implementing agent testimonials. We’re currently developing a testimonial system that allows agents to invite past customers and clients to share their feedback or provide testimonials. Once given, agents can approve the feedback before it is published on their profile.

The public and other agent can post recommendations to any agent’s profile. Those recommendations are subject to an approval process, and agents can both hide and delete any submitted recommendations.


Agents logged into can recommend other agents and request for them to recommend them from their profile page, among other areas.


The “Recommend Agent” page will also be available for the general public, accessible via the “Recommend Agent” button on the agent’s website or profile. Agents can also ask to be recommended through email or text message. Consumers will need to fill out how they know the agent before any recommendation is submitted, to help them decide if they want to show the recommendation.


The same screen can be used for agents to ask other agents to recommend them, as well. A message will be sent to that agent to recommend their peer. The receiving agent can then place a recommendation or ignore the other agent. All recommendations, regardless of type, will go through an approval process before going public. Agents will receive an email and can approve or disapprove at that time.


Agents have a variety of ways to invite their customers or colleagues for a recommendation including links, website widgets or Client Experience Rating invitations.

Profiles with recommendations

Showings on your profile

We’re now able to feature your current showings on your HAR profiles similar to how we already display your active and sold listings. Your showing activities for the last six months will be displayed, ordered by price. Any new showings will not display the showing date, for privacy concerns.


We’ve been working for the last six months on developing the update routines for gathering this data. We tap into many sources, including HAR Appointment Manager, CSS showing data and Supra lockbox information.


It’s easy to access this new feature. Simply click ‘My Account’ from the menu bar once you’re signed into, then ‘Manage Your Profile’ from the second column. This will bring up a new page where you can click ‘Display Settings’ that will then allow you to check which options you’d like to show to customers. ‘Show My Recent Showings’ is the fifth option in that list.

Profiles with showings

Our popular Find an Agent tool on now allows consumers to sort their agent results based on “Most Showings”

Profiles with most showings

Customize your neighborhoods

We currently display market areas based on an agent’s current listings or past sales within an area. This does not, however, allow agents to pick and choose the market areas they want to be associated with. This happens in two ways. The first will show the market area based on their listings, showings and past sales. The second, more custom option, will allow them to pick whatever market area they want, as long as there are present listings, showings or previous sales. Market areas will also be available on broker profiles.

Customize neighborhoods

Customize the background image on your profile

AR Platinum subscribers can also select a background image for their agent profile page on The background image for your HAR-provided Agent Website now doubles as the background of your agent profile page.


To change this, click on ‘Agent Tools’ from the menu and then ‘Manage Your Website’.


Choose from thousands of high-res photos at no cost.




We hope you take advantage of these new features to help differentiate yourself in the marketplace.


HAR is constantly working to enhance the value you receive from your MLS Platinum subscription, and this is just one more example.