Home Value Report

The Home Valuation Report is generated by the industry’s leading valuation providers. Discover market trends and real estate insights with each report that is generated instantly and then sent monthly with client opt-in.


The recurring report allows real estate agents and consumers to stay informed about the current market value of a property, which is crucial for making informed real estate decisions. Additionally, tracking home value trends over time can help homeowners understand their property value relative to the local market.

Get Started

Valuable Market Information

Using a REALTOR® is the best way to determine the market price of a home. Start this process by viewing the third-party valuations through this tool and then contact a REALTOR® to determine a reasonable price for a home.



Benefits for Real Estate Agents and Consumers

Client Engagement and Retention

Regular communication keeps agents top-of-mind for their clients. This monthly contact helps build and maintain relationships, increasing the likelihood that clients will rely on their trusted real estate agent for advice, information, and future transactions or refer them to others.


Showcase Market Expertise

By providing up-to-date and relevant information, agents showcase their knowledge of the local real estate market. This builds trust and establishes the agent as a reliable and informed resource for consumers.



Homeowners appreciate knowing the current value of their property. These reports offer valuable insights into market trends, neighborhood dynamics, and potential equity growth, which can help consumers make informed decisions about selling, refinancing, or making improvements.


Strengthens Brand Awareness

The Home Value Report is auto-generated and sent with a Platinum agent’s branding. This ensures that the real estate agent’s contact information is always easy to find!


Access to a REALTOR®

Each request from a consumer for a Home Value Report is an opportunity for the agent to reach out to become the trusted real estate professional. Once an appointment request is received, the agent can confirm it electronically or via phone based on the client’s request. This process empowers the client to determine their communication preference which sets the tone for the business relationship.