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Home Finder

The Home Finder allows the consumers to search for the REALTORĀ® listings of homes for sale or lease in the Greater Houston area.

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School Finder

The School Finder allows the consumers to look for information about Houston schools as well as any school across Texas. They can search for schools by county, district, campus, and/or ZIP Code. They can also find school ratings and rankings, grade type, demographic make-up, staff experience as well as STAAR and SAT score statistics (where applicable). Furthermore, they can also compare one school to another.

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The Neighborhood Information Finder allows the consumers to search for and view the Houston subdivisions as well as their price trends, tax rates, statistics, and appraised values.

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Open House Finder

Open House Finder allows consumers to search for open houses of REALTORĀ® listed properties in the Greater Houston area.

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High-Rise Finder

High-Rise Finder provides consumers access to a comprehensive list of features and amenities, as well as contemporary media, such as photo galleries, virtual tours, and more, for residential High-Rise buildings within the Houston marketplace.

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Mortgage Calculator

The mortgage calculator allows the consumers to estimate the monthly mortgage payments for better financial planning and management.

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