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The Houston Association of REALTORS® offers 713-REALTOR Property Hotline, a new and exciting service, at no cost to its members. REALTORS® will be able to add a sign rider clip to their yard signs which reads “To Hear Listing Info, Call: 713-REALTOR…” with a blank to write in the MLS number for that listing.
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LeadConnect allows listing agents to be connected over the phone with the consumer as soon as a lead is generated on HAR.com. LeadConnect enables the listing agent to respond to a consumer’s inquiry immediately and offers agents a higher chance of converting their lead into a sale.


LeadConnect will be configured to send the notifications to the contact number (preferred number or mobile number) that we have on record for you. We recommend that all members verify their contact number; you will need to login to the HAR Members Only Portal using your username and password to do this. Once inside the HAR Members Only Portal, there will be a link titled “LeadCall” under the ‘Lead Management’ section of the navigation menu. Once inside the HAR Members Only Portal, there will be a link titled ‘Lead/Appointment’ under the ‘Communication Preferences’ section of the Lead Setting. Once on the ‘Communication Preferences’ page, you can configure how leads are delivered to you and you can set your preferences, Leads Setting program and will also be able to designate which phone number to use for Lead Notification. This is the telephone number to which the leads will be sent; you may change this number at any time and as many times as you wish. The telephone number is not publicly displayed anywhere on HAR.com. In addition, you have the option to select your “business” hours, which will be the time slot to allow incoming LeadConnect calls. If you wish to opt out from receiving leads to your phone, you may do so through the Members Only Portal as well.

How LeadConnect Works

Consumers have the ability to contact an agent or a broker when viewing a listing on HAR.com to obtain more information about the listed property. For example, a consumer may simply click on ‘E-mail Agent’ or ‘Schedule Showing’ to submit his/her contact information to the listing agent. In submitting contact information through ‘E-mail Agent’ or ‘Schedule Showing,’ a consumer is requested to enter his/her telephone number. As soon as the information is submitted, a lead is generated to the listing agent. With LeadConnect, this scenario remains true except that in addition to an e-mail lead being generated, the listing agent will now be connected over the phone with the consumer — instantly.

To access your LeadConnect settings

This is how it works:


  • Consumer is requested to enter his/her phone number.
  • LeadConnect technology connects to the listing agent first
  • Listing agent now has the option to:

a) accept the call from the consumer or b) deny the call

  • Once the listing agent chooses to be connected, HAR.com connects the listing agent to the consumer
  • Consumer answers
  • Consumer and real estate professional are now connected

(Note: LeadConnect is activated only if the consumer has provided a telephone number or if the lead is delivered within your designated business hours.)


How LeadConnect Benefits You – the Realtor®

  • Impress consumers with fast response time
  • Never miss a lead, calls forwarded to any desired location
  • Member service offered to you by HAR at no additional cost
  • Call tracking by individual listing and Caller ID information

Additional Benefit

Your LeadConnect will be also configured for another tool, Request a callback. Click here to learn more.