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Interacting with your agents has never been this hassle-free! Making appointments, be it agent appointments or showing appointments, and generating requests are a major part of real estate transactions. The HAR booking app has been designed to facilitate both consumers and agents to make the request generation process simpler and easier. Communicate virtually to book and confirm the appointments at your convenient hour.
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Quick and easy to use
Quick and easy to use.
Save your time
No hassle of manually managing appointments or reminders.
Easy Selection
Easy selection of agents and convenient appointment timings.
Simple Planning
Simple planning for touring all your homes.

For Agents

Community members can ask other community members questions that they are seeking answers for. When asking a question, designate the topic/category it belongs in to make it easier for other community members to find and answer it.

For Consumers

Customers can utilize this app to:

  • Select an agent.
  • Request agent appointment.
  • Select listings and request showing appointments.

If a customer is interested in multiple listings/houses and wants to make a ‘Showing’ request, with our app, he can easily do it in a single request.

How it Works

If you want to book an appointment with your selected agent, simply go to his profile. Select the option of either ‘Make an Appointment’ or ‘Schedule a tour for a listing’.

Make an appointment

Select your convenient date and time, and then go to the ‘Contact’ tab, and insert the relevant details. Press next, and your request will be generated. This can’t be simpler than this. The agent will then contact you once the appointment is finalized.

Make Schedule a tour for a listing

If you want to request scheduling a tour for a listing, click on that option, and enter the listing address. You can either go for an in-person tour or a real-time video tour. Choose your convenient date and time. In a single request, you can add multiple listings.

In the contact tab, add all your details to generate a request by clicking next. Your agent will contact you once your appointment gets confirmed.

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Contacting agents sometimes becomes a hassle. You have to look for the appropriate time, so you do not disturb them in their off-timings. In addition, the status of listings needs to be checked before requesting a showing appointment.

The agents also have to keep a track of upcoming appointments or manually add them to their calendars.


HAR Booking app resolves all these challenges by providing a platform for agents and consumers that they can use for mutual benefits. Consumers can enjoy the convenience of booking appointments with HAR’s booking HAR at their suitable timings. They do not have to contact the agents by phone for confirmation or wait for the agent’s availability. They generate the request at any time, and the agent can respond back at his suitable time as well.

The agent would receive the requests, and he can easily make the arrangements and confirm them. The confirmed appointments can simply be added to their calendar by connecting to the email provider. This would minimize the chances of missing an appointment.